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All of SPYDER (PYXIS) TORTOISE pictured by TortoiseID have been microchipped to protect and monitor their whereabouts and are legally registered.SPYDER (PYXIS) TORTOISE is included in CITES Appendix 1 (International Convention on Endangered Flora and Fauna), and may only be traded under very strict conditions and must be microchipped so that the origin of the animal can be traced.


Scientific Name: Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides
Current Size: 12 CM
Average Adult Size:7"
Area of Origin:Madagascar

Description: Spider Tortoises belong to the family Testudinidae. This species of tortoise Pyxis arachnoides is endemic or confined to Madagascar. The genus Pyxis has only two species. Arachnoides are one of them. This is an endangered species. There is not much info about the life cycle of this tortoise species. Many believe that they live up to a maximum of seventy years, even though their normal life span is reported as around 40 years. You can find these tortoises only in southwest Madagascar. The spiny vegetation of the sand-filled coastal area is their habitat. They feed on tender leaves, larvae of insects, and animal droppings.

Habitat:The habitat of the spider tortoises is mainly the semi-arid Mikea forests on the northern side and the dry forests of the south. The habitat generally consists of sandy soil and low vegetation of mostly succulents and spiny shrubs. The varying canopy cover levels aid the tortoises in thermal regulation. They generally inhabit areas that have 30 to 50% Canopy cover. These spider tortoises exist in three subspecies across their 500 square kilometer forest range habitat. The northernmost subspecies are thePyxis Arachnoides Brygooi, the Pyxis Arachnoides Oblonga in the south and the Pyxis Arachnoides Arachnoides mainly occupying the central part near the Onilahy River, near Toliara, and also represents the largest population of these tortoises in the region as a whole.